sailing among the stars

une déconnexion avec la réalité, un décalage -

a dream within a dream -

my space ship,

in a maze of ghostlands -

une mise en retrait affective et sociale (or so they call it)

yet i loved you once and we travelled the world;

sheltered from the noise 

in my make-believe home

i feel stardust in my blood - mine or

someone else’s, who can tell -

i am everybody else and nobody at all;

can I choose to dance

to my own music or is it

une désorganisation de la pensée?

on the slippery slope of sleep -

tell me, grand jester,

is it the right thing to do -  stand on the edge,

peering down into the universe?

what constellations are those at my feet?

dans le pays des chimères

tout est possible…

spiral of dreams

is this my life or 

is it a ripple in chaos - 

a haze at the edge of my vision -

an eyelid that grows into 

tentacles and claws -

why do you keep saying

that i am not i but lies and fading music

or the last wish

of one of those long-suffering women

who lived before me and

who could only dream about freedom;

the freedom i have  

to inhabit a shadow.

entropy rising

irreversible increase in entropy

darkness growing inside

black tidal waves of waiting for miracles

drowning your voice, my love, 

anarchy randomness rule

their dominion red with the blood

of useless sacrifices -

once i believed this was a new beginning

now i see this is how it ends

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