about me

I am a photographer and visual artist living and working in Brittany, France. I find inspiration in the beautiful landscapes of Brittany, the contemplation of nature up close, the memory of the voyages I made in my life. I imagine scenes and stories beyond the visible, in a realm with no boundary between imagination and reality. I draw, paint, photograph and manipulate images in order to obtain the visual expression of my ideas and emotions.

My creative photography projects

In this portfolio I showcase some of my creative photography projects. The fine art conceptual photography and the still life images try to go beyond the visible and open the doors of a world where ordinary objects wait for the right moment to manifest their mysterious and surreal dimension. My abstract images and my rich flower gardens compositions invite the viewer to discover another way of seeing our flora in its impressive diversity.

I focus equally on the important themes of  modern life - the preservation of the natural habitat and historical heritage, the importance of water resources, the issue of compassion for animals, the discovery of a harmonious way of life in permanent contact with nature.

My work

Beside personal and collective exhibitions in Brittany, I contribute to online galleries such as Arcangel Images, 1X.com. Some of my works have appeared on book covers around the world, I have sold my art to private clients, interior designers and corporate art project managers as image rights or prints on fine art photographic paper.

All the works showcased on my website are for sale as fine art prints.  If you are interested in purchasing or just expressing your impressions about the content of this portfolio, please contact us.

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