back to brokenness

breathing blackness,

lungs filled with nightmares,

ants of fear crawling on my neck,

tongue tasting bittersweet enchantment -

inky night going up in smoke,

dark leeches feeding

on the liquid silence;

only loneliness is solid:

a black glass pyramid

full of white lilies and

fragrant lies.

addicted to lies

broken mirror, black water,

crumpled desire in its narrow box

of guilt and other treasured trash

you cannot part with;

music composed in haste, 

with a taste of “as it had never been” 

it’s two o’clock:

new words on her lips taste like honey;

there’s only one direction to go,

he laughs, staring at his face

in the night’s mirror:

the reflection is a hollow skull.

worlds within worlds

worlds within worlds

islands of light in oceans of timelessness

clusters of lives that we could have lived

or maybe we lived and do not remember

all layered in the mind

slowly rotating, folding, unfolding -

honey seeping through corridors

like empty blood vessels

taking us to the secret gates of more unfathomable worlds;

maybe one day we’ll be able to move

from this life into a parallel one

crossing bridges of dreams

passing through labyrinths made of butterfly wings -

maybe one day

silence and words

will spiral into perfectly shaped stars.

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