worlds within worlds

worlds within worlds,

islands of light in oceans of timeless waiting,

clusters of lives that we could have lived

or may have lived and do not remember

all layered in the mind

slowly rotating, folding, unfolding -

muffled steps in narrow corridors

frozen blood vessels, 

secret gates of more unfathomable worlds;

one day we’ll move freely

from this life into a parallel one

across voices and echoes

through labyrinths made of butterfly wings -

maybe one day

silence and words

will spiral into perfectly shaped stars.

light will prevail

colours and shapes

corals and seaweed

frail light and meandering shadows

there in the depths

where worlds fall and drown

there where order collapses

in the blue with icy flames

there where voices choke in agony -

you will witness how

muted screams become once again

blinding light and sirens’ songs…

start all over again

there is a shadow at the edge of my mind, right here,

between the pale skin of morning hours and

my pulsing temples - 

sometimes it grows tentacles

of lies and screams - oh, father,

take this faceless ghost away from me,

show me that mercy is not

just an empty promise

and grace a blind pegasus.

oh, father, switch off this day for me,

delete it from the calendar of struggle,

lift me up there into your

blank whiteness,

into the frozen light!

erase this world,

start all over again

with a whisper over black waters…


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