"image of glowing flowers"

Il ne restera que la lumière

"image of floating abstract flowers"

And so the dance began

"image of an orchid flower in full light"


"abstract floral composition on a black background"

Exploring the night

"Colourful flower petals on a black background"

Flowers in dark gardens

"image of iridiscent and translucent star-shaped flowers"

Stars of light and water

"image of pink and orange gladioli flowers"

Gladioli in light

"image of brightly lit flower petals against dark background"

Dancing in the night

"floral composition of orchids and roses"

A bridge of orchids and roses

"abstract image of a translucent flower"

Pilgrim in grey 

"flower petals up close"


"black and white image of gladioli flowers"

Traces of green

"image of abstract water plants against aqua blue background"

Sea gardens

"image of brightly lit flower petals encased in clear ice"

Ice flowers

"image of red orchids on blue background"

La pérsistance du rouge

"image of translucent flowers in pale colours"


"image of spring blossoms"

Forever spring 

"floral composition of rose petals looking like fire flames"

Roses and fire

"floral composition with yellow lilies"

You can see right through me

"image of white orchids on white background"

The broken wreath

"Abstract floral composition"

Crystal garden

"abstract floral composition"

Memories of a distant journey

"abstract floral composition with pale blue background"

Imperfect blue 

"image of translucent flowers"

In exaltation of green

"image of red flowers on red background"

Haunting red

"image of orchid petals up close"

Purple touch

"image of an imaginary flower"


"image of roses among clouds"

Roses in the clouds

"abstract image of floating flowers and petals"

Silent storm

"image of abstract composition in red and orange"


"image of translucent flowers"

Light diffusion

"image of a dark flower"

Reversal of night

"image of flowers in a bouquet"

Bouquet for Anastasia

"abstract floral composition"

My heart belongs in golden light

"image of a poppy flower"

I shall never forget you

"translucid flowers floating in the air"

Blowing the wind

"image of translucent and transparent flower petals"

Silent steps

"image of scattered orchid flowers"

Scattered orchids

"light pink rose in a high-key photo"


"image of a yellow rose"

Bring me to life

"image of abstract flowers against blue background"

Blue fantasy

"image of pale blue orchids"

All the way to China

"image of roses among the clouds in the sky"

Elevated rose

"image of pink rhododendron"

Pink flower

"image of translucent flower petals"

Dress me in lace

"image of orchids up close"


" abstract imaginary gardens, ghost flowers, floral design,shadows, light pastel colours"

Ocean gardens

"flower petals floating in a fluid environment"

 Fragile wings

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