"image of little bird among red tomatoes"

Little messenger

"image of a passion flower and grapes on a dark background"

Autumn mood

"image of three ripe pears pierced by sharp forks"

Acts of cruelty

"image of roses and peaches on a table"

Roses and peaches

"image of wild forest fruit on a white platter"

Summer fruit on a white plate

"little daisies in a glass jar"

Petit bouquet 2

"image of a yellow tulip in a blue bottle"

Still life in pale light

"image of a tower of three tomatoes"

Tomato queen

"image of branches with berries"

Autumn berries in a bottle

"image of apricots, grapes and plums on a glass platter"

Fruit on a glass platter

"branch of magnolia flowers in a blue bottle"

The end of spring

"image of cherry blossoms in a glass"

Cherry blossom

"image of white camellias in a white ceramic jar"

Winter bouquet

"image of a small bouquet of wild flowers"

Wild flowers in a little jug

"image of cherry blossom branch in a vase"

Spring branch

"image of three hydrangea blossoms"

Three hydrangeas

"image of fruit pierced with forks"

Acts of cruelty - still life

"image of a walnut and a red orange on a platter"

Walnut and red orange

"image of a round loaf of bread on a dark background"

Pain Bucheron

"little daisies in a glass jar"

Petit bouquet 1

"image of pink roses in a white teapot"

Her roses

"image of blue bottle against dark background with copper leaves and butterfly"

The remains of summer

"image of three ripe pears on a velvet cloth"

Three pears

"image of rose bouquet"

Wilted rose bouquet

"image of dark brown fallen leaves"

Under my feet

"image of pink camellia flowers in a glass jar"

Camellias in a glass jar

"image of fall leaves and a yellow vase"

Autumn mood

"image of two white tulips in a blue vase"

Dwarf tulips in a blue jar

"image of white grapes on a brown background"

The odd one

"image of a snail in its shell in a metal grid"

Trying to fit in

"image of several seashells underwater"


"image of clementines flying in the air"

Dancing clementines

"image silver bell shaped as girl, walnut with a butterfly on top"

What is of essence

"image of French pastry fresh from the bakery"

French pastry "pain aux raisins"

''image of a half-eaten yellow apple with lipstick stain''

I took a bite from your juicy apple

"image of broken coffee cup"

Broken cup

"image of white flower bouquet in a china teapot"

White blossoms and butterflies

"image of lemon with a frog shaped brooch on it"

Green frog brooch

"image of a white teapot, white teacup and a mound of black tea leaves"

Black tea

"image of teapot and cup with a butterfly on rim and flying tea leaves"

Tea time

"image of teapot and cup"


"image of hydrangea blossoms in a vase"


"image of corn of the cob and blueberries"

Summer's offerings

"image of a beautiful cauliflower"

Summer flower

"image of a red plum on a white plate"


"image of salad fork and spoon"

Salad cutlery

"image of autumn leaf among blank pages of a notebook"

Autumn poem

''image of honeycomb on white plate and bee on top''


"image of whole walnuts in a cup"

Walnuts in a cup

"image of a mouse toy"

Persistance de l'emotion

"image of a dead butterfly on colorful silk"

A dead moth

''image of old photos, old letters and cup of coffee''

The weight of memory

''image of a seashell on an open notebook with blank pages''

A poem is like a spiral of light

"image of tulip bouquet"

Spring bouquet

"image of book with flying pages and a butterfly"

A little life

"image of two white camellia flowers in a glass jar"

White camellias

"image oranges and flying orange slices"


"image of mandarin orange with an enameled lizard-shaped brooch on it"

Blue lizard brooch

"image peaches and apricots that are arranged like a bunch of balloons"

Peaches and apricots

"image yellow and purple tulips with flying flowers and petals"

Yellow and purple tulips

"image silver bell shaped as girl and a dead insect at her feet"

At her feet

"image of mango fruit against black background"


"image of pomegranate fruit against white background"


"image of three juicy pears

A taste of autumn

"image of white grapes on a white late"


"image of golden apples"


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