"image of a woman's double portrait"

Dreaming of fire and roses

"image of a young woman holding a pink hyacinth flower"

Spring flower

"portrait of young bride with veil and a wreath of flowers"

The bride

"portrait of a beautiful woman"

Portrait with weightless flowers

"image of a woman's lips through a transparent white veil"

Through a white veil

"image of a beautiful young woman in a green dress against a forest background"

Lost in the forest

"image of a bridge reaching up into the sky"

The bridge

"portrait of a young woman"

Woman with white flowers

"image of a girl sleeping against landscape with forest"

A dream of coming home

"image of an eye and a robin"

Bird watching

"portrait of a young woman"

Hours flowing like a river

"image of woman in a dark street at night"

Lost in the old town

"portrait of a beautiful woman with a flower frame"

Faded summer dream

"threefold image of a woman holding a butterfly"


"image of a woman flying among clouds and translucent flowers"


"image of woman dressed in a gown made of flower petals"

The rose petal gown

Ghost child

"portrait of an aged woman with blue lights"

Self-portrait with electric blue flowers

"image of a dead moth on a piece of old paper"

The lost garden

"image of woman's hands holding a blue hyacinth flower"

The blue hyacinth

"image of young woman with wind blowing in her hair"

Morning in the moors

"image of a young woman with her hair blowing in the wind"


"portait of a woman in black and white"

In the shade

"portrait of beautiful young woman with a red dress"

The red summer dress

"image of a young woman and a flock of birds"

The flight of hours

"image of a beautiful young woman with a green tiara in a forest"

The green tiara

"image of a beautiful young woman sleeping on the grass"

The sleep

"portrait of young beautiful woman with floating flowers"

Spring dream

"portrait of a young beautiful woman"

Portrait of a young woman

"image of ghost child on a stone bridge in a forest"

The stone bridge in the forest

"image of a young woman sinking underwater"

Dreams like deep water

"image of young woman sitting on a chair in front of a window"


"image of young woman walking in nature and surrounded by white birds"


"image of yellow human eye hidden among cobwebs"

The watchful eye

"image of stuffed toy, broken photo frame and a child's shoe"

Broken promises

"portrait of a young woman among red autumn foliage"

Red autumn leaves

''image of two hands with eyes in the palms''

Look at me

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