visage dans le miroir

between the quest and the star of hopes

between the mind and the dissipating reflection in the mirror

the cradle of dreams arches high, a vision of worlds yet to come -

a music in different keys, flashes of light, waves of love,

territories yet uncharted, a journey (necessary) -

yes, you must know by now there are  

no easy solutions,

no simple denouement to this story; 

choices, attitudes, a merry-go-round of

blessings and little joys spinning in the mist,

in the dark corridor between your thoughts

and le mur des lamentations.

you cannot touch them or count them;

can’t you see how pain

slices open the hours 

a row of gutted fish in a sunday market?

are you still looking for truth?

go away, leave, 

spread your wings inward and

let your clumsy flight slash your heart: 

butterfly trapped in a bottle…

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