Winter's bark (drimys winteri)

"image of purple, red and blue hydrangea flowers"

Hydrangea blossoms

"image of white flower on white background"

Viburnum boule-de-neige

"image of pink flowers on white background"

Pink azalea

"image of magnolia buds and leaf"


"image of yellow rhododendron blossoms"

Azalea Gibraltar

"image of branch with white blossoms in sunlight"

To the light

"image of purple clematis flower"

Purple clematis

"image of hellebore flower"


"image of three camellia flowers on a branch"

Camellia branch

"image of pink magnolia blossom"


"image of apple blossoms"

Apple blossoms

"image of mimosa blossoms in bloom"

Mimosa in bloom

"image of mimosa blossom"


"image of purple flower with a little green bug"

A little life

"image of two butterflies in green grass"

In the field

"image of maple tree branches in autumn"

Maple foliage in autumn

"image of red poppies in a field"


"image of purple and pink columbine flowers"

Columbine flowers

"image of purple berries on branches"

Purple and green tapestry

"image of purple berries on branches"

Purple pearls

"image of red rose"

Dark rose

"image of maple tree foliaga against autumn sky"

Autumn sky

"image of sycamore tree branch with round brown fruit"

Sycamore tree branch in winter

"image of spring leaves"

White paths into the spring sky

"image of two heart-shaped red leaves"

Two hearts in the wind

"image of maple branches with leaves in the wind"

Windy afternoon

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